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Complex challenges are addressed by our entire team, not individuals.

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Full Description

We have built our service offering around the needs of the client companies that we serve.

Our core service is the provision of independent directors, managing member, general partner and trustee services to investment funds, partnerships, private companies and structured finance vehicles established in the British Virgin Islands, Delaware, Dubai, Cayman Islands, Ireland and Luxembourg.

We provide a range of complimentary service lines that support our core platform including voluntary liquidation services, the preparation of accounts, affiliated trade review, company secretarial services and acting as proxy agent.

We offer a comprehensive platform of services to traditional open and closed-ended investment funds, hedge funds and private equity vehicles. We also provide services to bankruptcy-remote structures and on balance sheet subsidiaries engaged in a wide variety of transactions including CDO and CLO vehicles, CP and note programmes, asset finance and all types of asset-backed securitisations.

We work with global financial institutions and investment management firms both large and small.

From our offices in Delaware, Dubai, Cayman Islands, Ireland and Luxembourg, our professionals work closely with leading international and domestic law firms to provide a world class governance solution to the vehicles we serve.

Staffed by experienced professionals, we have the expertise necessary to ensure that our client companies comply with all relevant legal and regulatory requirements and that the necessary standards of corporate governance are adhered to.




Liberty House, Office 616, 6th Floor Dubai International Financial Centre Dubai PO Box 506734 United Arab Emirates

Telephone Number:

+1 345 814 5772